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2016 Updates

Hi Folks!


If you’re looking to keep updated with us, follow us on our Facebook page, where we post weekly regarding tea and upcoming events! You’re also welcome to message us there with any questions or thoughts 🙂 We’re also regulars on Instagram and we invite you fun Tea Snobs to tag your drinks with #shenzentea. 😀

This Summer, you can find us at the following markets:

  • Tuesday: Crossroards Farmer’s Market in Bellevue
  • Wednesday: Kirkland, Wallingford, Pike Place Evening Market
  • Thursday: Queen Anne, South Lake Union (Amazon). We will be returning to Broadway in Tacoma and Snohomish next year!
  • Saturday: Redmond, Issaquah, Edmonds, South Lake Union, Shoreline. We will be returning to Gig Harbor next year!
  • Sunday: Ballard, Fremont, Everett, Lake Forest Park, Mercer Island

6 thoughts on “2016 Updates

  1. Hello!

    Im leaving note here since I can’t find another way to contact you on this site.
    First, I love your kombucha! Everyone in my house drinks it, it is fantastic.

    To that end- I wanted to buy some at the farmers market and brought my own growler. I was told that mine could not be filled up because of sanitation and insurance concerns. Only your growlers could be used. So heres the thing- if someone buys one your your growlers, and then returns to have it refilled (the point of a growler being refills), the sanitation can’t be controlled then either. Do people trade in your growlers? Or is there some other way I could get mine filled with your wonderful kombucha?

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