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Detox and Revive


☯ Balance Your Health ☯

For all you fans of healthy living, we recently developed two new caffeine-free herbal blends, Herbal Zen Detox and Herbal Revival, that can aid in detoxing and replenishing your body; and, perhaps equally as importantly, they taste really good! Our philosophy behind tea and health is to make teas healthy and enjoyable so that tea lovers will make a habit of drinking them daily. Such a habit will have a more beneficial cumulative effect than only drinking the tea occasionally. It took us a lot of research and testing to finalize these blends, but they are finally here!

We revamped our Herbal Zen Detox to include even more important detoxifying ingredients such as organic milk thistle seeds, blueberries, and skullcaps while enhancing the blend’s taste. This detoxicating blend combines a melange of delicious ingredients, rendering a sweet yet cleansing and energizing infusion. The medley of herbs are strategically blended to aid in a detox routine.

Our new Herbal Revival compliments the Herbal Zen Detox very well because this blend was designed to add more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) to your diet. Herbal Revival contains many wholesome herbs and fruit, such as organic holy basil, nettle leaf, blueberries, apples and orange peels. This blend is smooth and refreshing. The earthy notes of holy basil and nettle leaves are balanced with fruity notes of apples and lemons.

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A note from Grace!


One of the perks of being married to a tea snob is that I get to watch and taste magic happen. As a naturopathic medical student, a major part of our curriculum is botanical medicine; and, it has been fun sharing ideas from what I’ve been learning in medical school with James and Neil.
The whole concept of “detoxing” is to relieve oxidative stress from your body — taking a moment to give your organs a break. The Herbal Zen Detox has herbs such as schizandra berries and milk thistle, which are stocked with antioxidants and are considered liver restoratives.Nettle leaves are nutritive and naturally packed with vitamins and minerals. They’re a perfect fit for the “revitalizing” blend. Combined with holy basil, fennel and the fruits, the Herbal Revival is a happy antioxidant medley.Remember, this should not replace professional medical advice. If you’re interested in pursuing a complete detox program, be sure to check in with your doctor on what options are available to work towards your goals

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