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Only available for delivery in Greater Seattle (King, Snohomish, and Pierce) or will-call. 

Crisp, clean, and dry. Our artisan jasmine green tea is brewed traditionally for a classic kombucha. Taste this kombucha alongside other company’s jasmine kombucha to see the Shen Zen Tea difference.


Our most classic brew, done well. Authentic jasmine green tea is cold-brewed and fermented to produce a dry and slightly acidic traditional kombucha, reminiscent of a crisp white wine. Our Jasmine Kombucha provides many of the same benefits of green tea: mental focus, relaxation, and energy. Rarely do you find kombucha made with premium single origin, whole leaf teas such as these. In a single pound of jasmine green tea, four pounds of jasmine flowers are hand picked the night before they bloom and are layered onto the green tea. Overnight, they bloom and release their aroma onto the green tea and the tea leaves trap the flavor like a picture captured on film. Our artisans meticulously cold brew these leaves to ensure these gentle and delicate flavors are never lost. We hope you enjoy the craft of tradition in our classic jasmine kombucha.

Exclusively made with Organic Ingredients: 100% raw kombucha (made with water, green tea, evaporated cane sugar).

Attributes about our Kombucha

  • Our kombucha is non-alcoholic.
  • Our shelf life is 6 months. After 6 months, we cannot guarantee the alcohol content of the beverage will not increase above the non-alcoholic beverage level and will no longer be accurately labeled.
  • Our kombucha is lower in acidity than most kombucha companies with an average pH of 3.4 (compared in 2.8 in many other companies).
  • All carbonation is naturally occurring in our kombucha, produced by the happy probiotics inside each bottle. If your kombucha ever becomes flat, you can simply tighten the cap and allow the bottle to sit in room temperature. Fermentation will commence and re-carbonate your beverage. Be careful to open after cooling in the refrigerator overnight as the bottle can overflow with foam.
  • We never add sugar after the primary fermentation, but please note that natural raw kombucha is not a sugar free beverage as residual sugar is present to keep the probiotics active in the beverage to give you their functional benefits.
  • Please keep our kombucha refrigerated.
  • Please open carefully as the product is carbonated and can overflow or leak if shaken or warm.


Guide to purchasing our Kombucha:

  • One case of 16 oz bottles are sold at a special “baker’s dozen” rate – you pay for 11 bottles, and get the 12th on the house.
  • Kegs are the ultimate way to save. Each 5 gallon keg contains 80 servings of 8 ounces ($2.50/16 oz). Kegs do require you to purchase your own cold-holding dispensing systems such as a kegerator. You can place them in a refrigerator with a simple garden hose dispenser. The empty kegs themselves are property of Shen Zen Tea and are not part of the sale. Kegs that are damaged or stolen will require a $65 keg replacement fee.   
  • These products are only available via local delivery to the following Washington State counties: King, Snohomish, and Pierce. If you would like to purchase individual bottles, please visit one of our stockists, or try the kombucha on tap at a farmers market.
  • After the kombucha is purchased, we will contact you to arrange a drop-off. If the address is within 50 miles of Seattle you can expect delivery within 5 business days. If the delivery address is further than 50 miles, we will contact you to arrange a delivery date.

Additional information

Weight 335 oz

1 review for Jasmine Kombucha

  1. wendyadler

    I just want to let you know how much I absolutely LOVE this Jasmine Kombucha. It makes my DAY! You guys nailed it! It’s not too sweet; it’s crisp and refreshing and subtle and just right. I just wish it was a little easier to find. Great work Shen Zen Tea team!

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