Shizuoka Zencha


This early season single origin sencha carries a smooth and vibrant character.  Sencha is known for the vegetal notes and buttery body exemplified in this brew. The vibrant green color in each cup indicates a high concentration of antioxidants in this delicate Japanese tea.

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Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Ingredients: organic sencha green tea.

Standard Brewing: Steep 1 tsp of sencha in 8 oz of water at 170℉ for 2 minutes.

Be sure to remove the tea leaves promptly or pour all the water off to ensure the tea doesn’t over-steep. In Japanese tea, the last drop that pours out of the teapot is called the golden drop because it has the richest, fullest flavor. Make sure to get that golden drop out!

For the correct water temperature, you can use a thermometer or an electric kettle with temperature settings, or you can observe the water as it heats. 170℉ is cooler than boiling, when the water is steaming and small bubbles have formed. In a cup or pitcher, it should be just hotter than is comfortable to hold with a bare hand.

To brew the tea multiple times, try this re-steeping method:

1st brew: 2 tsp per 8oz for 1 minute at 160-170℉

2nd brew: pour another 8 oz of water over the same leaves, hotter this time (about 180-190℉), steep about 30 seconds

3rd brew: using the same leaves, steep 2 minutes in boiling water (212℉ )

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