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Seattle Magazine: Shen Zen Tea Syrups are a Summer Must

We are so excited to be featured in Seattle Magazine’s August issue this summer! Very thankful for all you tea snobs out there!

11713930_10155792138245048_8165157544194795373_oThis is our first season having our famous syrups bottled and ready to take home. Pour a shot of Vanilla Mint Cola, African Ginger Ale, or our lovely Hibiscus Temple into sparkling water, hot water, or even cocktails for a refreshing, healthy drink!


1 thought on “Seattle Magazine: Shen Zen Tea Syrups are a Summer Must

  1. James,

    You and I spoke at the Redmond Market and I wanted to reach out to you to see if I could get a case (how many bottles is that?) of the Shen Zen syrups. I will be traveling starting in Sept and would like to make sure I have this when I return. I would like to pick it up at the Juanita Market on Friday if you will be there – otherwise I could pick it up in Redmond.

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