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Tea & Sushi… yes, please!

(photo by J. Nichole Smith)

Shen Zen Tea is proud to have three of our teas: Wuyi Valley Oolong, Ti Guan Yin, and Snow Leopard, served at Mashiko Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant in West Seattle. Not only is Hajime, the owner and chef, a profoundly talented chef, he has also committed to serving only sustainable seafood. We look forward to launching a full menu of fair trade, artisan and organic teas in Hajime’s Mashiko soon.

Get 10% off your next tea purchase at Shen Zen Tea’s online store or farmer’s market stand when you bring your receipt from Mashiko, showing that you purchased a pot of our teas! To receive the benefit for online orders, please email us at This promotion is valid until the end of August 2013! So Don’t Wait!

Check out Hajime’s youtube clip on sushi & sustainability:

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