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It’s May! Here we come, Farmer’s Markets!


Farmer’s Markets are starting up again! We’re excited to bring our Kombucha (along with home kits), bath salts and syrups to the markets this year. This weekend, we will be in the following markets and events:

Redmond Saturday Market (9a-3p)
Issaquah Saturday Market (9a-2p)
Edmonds Garden Market (9a-2p)
Taco Libre in the International District (5p-11p)

Fremont Sunday Market/Taco Libre (11a-7p)
Lake Forest Park Farmer’s Market – opening Mother’s Day (10a-3p)


Then on Wednesday, we will be in the
Wallingford Farmers Market (3:30p-7p)
Tumwater Farmers Market (11a-2p)

And Thursday in the Tacoma Broadway Farmers Market (10a-3p)

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  1. I purchased your premium kombucha lemongrass drink at the Issaquah PCC on Saturday. When I opened it there was no fizz, so I returned to the store and exchanged it on my way back home later that evening. The second bottle had a seal around it (the first did not, so I’m glad I didn’t drink it!!). I ended up bringing it home and opened it. No fizz. But since I knew it was sealed I decided to try it, thinking maybe this is tea and not Kombucha??? In the end, I read to “open and close quickly” and this confirmed for me that the Kombucha was not as it should be. I did not finish it as I didn’t want to become sick. Your product appears to need some work with sealing.

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