4 Seasons of Spring Oolong


4 Seasons of Spring Oolong is a lightly oxidized Oolong tea. Full of sweet floral flavor, with a brisk fruity finish and bright aroma. This oolong is picked throughout the year, however it has the remarkably smooth taste of spring-picked oolong.

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4 Seasons of Spring, or Sìjì Chūn, is a Taiwanese tea that puts forth new leaves (a process called a flush) four to six times each year, depending on the geography of the tea garden. What makes 4 Seasons so special is that every flush has the delicate, floral, and almost fruity quality associated with spring flushes (usually the most highly sought after).

4 Seasons is processed like most oolong teas: after being picked and withered, the leaves are partially oxidized in a gentle stirring and rolling process, which bruises the leaves. This bruising and partial oxidation of oolongs is traditionally considered to increase their health benefits, improving metabolism and digestion. For comparison, green tea is not allowed to oxidize, while black teas are fully oxidized. Oolongs exist in great variety between these two extremes; this particular oolong is considered a “green” or lightly-oxidized oolong. The leaves and brewed liquor are greener and paler in color than a “black” or heavily-oxidized oolong.

4 Seasons’ leaves are rolled into small, dense balls, and they unfurl to their full size only after several steepings

Standard Brewing: Pour 8oz of 195℉ water (simmering but not a full boil) over 1 tsp of tea and steep for 4 minutes. Rebrew as desired.

Alternative Brewing: For a sit-down tea session that will last for many brews, and to fully experience the development of flavor over time, try using 2tsp for 4oz of water and brewing for short steeps, starting at about 10 seconds and increasing in length as desired.

Origin: Nantou, Taiwan

Ingredients: oolong tea



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