Premium Earl Grey


Our Earl Grey carries a sweet, floral citrus aroma of pure bergamot oil, complementing the smooth profile of raisins and dark fruit notes in single origin black tea from the Yunnan province in this exceptional Earl Grey.

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Lore has it that Earl Grey was gifted this black tea recipe when he heroically saved the daughter of a tea farmer from drowning, while he was traveling through China. Other stories tell us his wife, Lady Grey, was the one who added the bergamot into the tea that Earl Grey brought home from his travels.

We hope to tell our version of the story through the ingredients themselves. We only use the time honored organic ingredients of single origin Yunnan black tea and cold pressed bergamot essential oil.

We recommend brewing this traditional black blend with 1 heaping tablespoon for every 8 ounces of water at 195° F for 4 minutes to acquire the woody and floral notes of Yunnan black tea and the delicate notes that can only be found in pure bergamot essential oil. Our Earl Grey would make a spectacular cold brew tea as the cold infusion preserves the most delicate flavors of bergamot oil.


Ingredients: organic black tea, bergamot essential oil


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