Herbal Zen Detox


This detoxification blend combines a melange of delicious ingredients, rendering a sweet, herbal, energizing infusion. This medley of herbs is strategically blended to aid in a detox routine. These ingredients contain anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. Schizandra berry is an adaptogen, or a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes.  As a traditional Chinese herb it is known for cleansing and repairing the liver, as well as its unique taste said to include all five flavors . Burdock root is an ancient anti-inflammatory herb and may also have strong blood purifying properties.

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Ingredients: organic schizandra berry, organic burdock root, organic rosehips, organic peppermint, organic spearmint, organic skullcap, organic milk thistle seed, organic licorice root, organic dandelion root, organic blueberries


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