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Host a private tea blending class with one of our master tea blenders!

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Shen Zen Tea is always creating new blends with organic and local ingredients. While sharing our teas, we’ve found that many tea lovers have their own creative ideas for blends. So, here is an opportunity to learn how to make your own tea blends at home!

This class is available for groups of 2-5 people. We’ll guide you through the process of taste profiling and engaging in the creative culinary process. Each person can prepare up to three tea blends (2 oz tin) to bring home. Save your recipe and order your personal blend from us, to share with your friends in family in the future!

To book your Home Tea Blending Class, write two preferred date options in a note at checkout, and we will contact you to schedule the event. Let us know if you are interested in blending any particular type of teas or herbs (herbals only, white, oolong, black, green, puerh, florals, ginger, peppermint, etc). If no preference is specified, we’ll simply choose a variety for you.

Our Home Tea Blending Class is currently available only in the greater Seattle region.


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