Tasting notes: roasted, minty, nutty

This balanced blend merges the rich herbaceous flavors of roasted houjicha green tea together with the perfect amount of effervescent peppermint. Delivering cooling and toasty notes of nuts and menthol.  It’s lower caffeine content makes it a great evening tea.

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This pairing of houjicha and Washington peppermint from the Skagit Valley is one of the first blends we created, and it’s still one of our favorites!

Houjicha is a compound word, comprised of roasted (houji) and tea (cha) in Japanese. As you may have guessed, it is made by roasting Japanese green tea for a few minutes to achieve a honeyed flavor with smokey, hazelnut notes. It is usually made of bancha, or lower-grade teas that are harvested later in the season. Roasting enhances the flavor, and is a thrifty way to get more use out of the year-long tea harvest.

Houjicha is also often drunk with meals in the afternoons and evenings, and is considered a good tea for children because of its low caffeine content. Houjicha is roasted at about 200℃/390℉, significantly reducing the caffeine, which is unable to withstand temperatures over 178℃/352℉.

Peppermint is known for its mild soothing effect on the nerves and digestion; its stimulating qualities make this blend a perfect choice after a heavy holiday meal.

Toasty yet cooling, this blend is just the right balance of grounding nutty flavor and the pungent airness of mint.

Standard Brewing: Steep 2 tsp in 8oz of water at 185℉ for 3min.

Alternative Brewing: To experiment with the flavor of this tea, try adjusting the ratio of tea to water, the water temperature, or the steeping time. It’s also great with honey!

Ingredients: organic roasted green tea, organic peppermint


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