Oak Cask Wildflower Puerh Kombucha by the Case


1.5 gallons of Wildflower Puerh kombucha in 16oz bottles: buckwheat honey, sweet, and woody flavor notes!


The stout of kombucha! This blend is fermented with aged puerh, a post-fermented tea harvested from old growth trees in Yunnan province, characterized by dark, earthy flavors. This brew is made with organic clover honey instead of sugar, which requires a special “jun” culture of probiotics said to originate from the Himalayas. Fermenting in French oak barrels adds a sweet and woody note to the finishing taste of this brew. Cases are sold at a special “baker’s dozen” rate – you pay for 11 bottles, and get the 12th free!

This kombucha is only available via local delivery of 12-count cases of 16oz bottles, to the following Washington State counties: King, Thurston, Snohomish, and Pierce. If you would like to purchase individual bottles, please visit one of our stockists, or try the kombucha on tap at a farmers market.

After the kombucha is purchased, we will contact you to arrange a drop-off. If the address is within 50 miles of Seattle you can expect delivery within 5 business days. If the delivery address is further than 50 miles, we will contact you to arrange a delivery date.

Ingredients: 100% raw organic kombucha (made from organic puerh tea, local raw honey, and water)

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Weight 335 oz


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