Puerh Ginger


Tasting notes: dark, citrus, spice

Zesty notes of orange peel and ginger add a modern twist to this classic Puerh. The rich, earthy flavor of this aged Chinese black tea has been traditionally thought to aid in digesting heavy foods.

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Puerh is a type of tea from the Chinese province of Yunnan. It is picked from old growth tea trees, and then the leaves are processed at low temperatures to preserve their enzymes for fermentation. There are two types of puerh, shou puerh, also known as dark or cooked puerh, and sheng puerh, also known as raw or green puerh.

This blend is based on a shou puerh. For shou, the leaves are piled up and kept warm and moist to promote a fast aging process. Within several weeks a completely new tea has been created by the microbes, after which it is dried and packaged. The flavor is dark, reminiscent of a forest floor, perfect for sipping on a cold morning.

Shou Puerh is known for its digestive properties and is often drunk with heavy meals. Sometimes puerh is packed into orange peels, which impart their oils to the tea as they age together. This blend is inspired by that classic pairing, with the addition of a third digestive ingredient, ginger, which adds its own warmth.

Standard Brewing: Steep 3 tsp of Puerh Ginger in 8 oz of boiling water for 6 minutes.

Alternative Brewing: try using more leaves and brewing for multiple shorter periods, starting with about 20 seconds and increasing in length until the tea loses the desired strength of flavor.

Ingredients: organic puerh tea, organic ginger, organic orange peel

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