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One paragraph or page will never be enough to tell you about the potential health benefits of teas and tisanes! On this page, you will find some information about traditional and current understandings of how different teas and herbal infusions affect our bodies and minds. Please note that health science is an ever evolving field and that new information is constantly being discovered. Stay posted for current research about tea and other herbal infusions.

Teas for Digestion

(Please keep posted as this section of the website is still “brewing.” We’ll have a lot yummy info for your brain soon.)

4 thoughts on “Tea & Health

  1. I would like too know the name of the tea that James let me try out this Sunday . I’m going to butcher the name I can remember. Bogdwa. But it has L thiamine and another substance. I’m pretty hyperactive which causes some bi polar. I asked for a tea to level my thoughts out and I was most delighted with the tea. I remember hearing that it tastes similar to a popular Japanese tea. It went great with the music as well.

  2. Hi Konnor,

    Generally, high quality Japanese teas will have a lot of L-theanine and catechins. This includes the bancha and sencha. Bancha is and sencha come from the same leave, but bancha is a more mature leaf that is picked in the late summer or early fall while high quality sencha is typically picked in the early spring. We have a bancha from Kirishima and a sencha from Shizouka. Check them out in the green tea section!

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  4. Hi I had a vanilla mint cola from you guys and I loved it. I was wondering if you guys sold it anywhere

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